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Hey if Habbo didn't have any Tips/Tricks/Hacks whatever you call it, it would be very boring so here are some of the whatever you call its.

How to take a screenshot
Have you ever wondered how people take little snapshots
or pictures of sites, a snapshot of a very cool video clip and those stuff?Well we're gonna teach you how to do it!

Step #1:open up the site or whatever you'd like to take the snapshot of.

Step#2:Press the Printscreen button as shown in the picture and then open up an image editing software(such as paint which can be found in Start>All programs>Accessories>Paint).

Step#3: Just press Ctrl+V  to paste or if you're not in any rush do it the long way (right click on the image which will open a dropdown menu then select paste).

Step#4:Save it your computer

Step#5:Sit back and be prod of yourself!

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