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Underage Festival

07/08/2008 12:59
  This Friday you can meet the best from the Underage Festival. As part of the Underage Festival on Habbo UK you can get to meet the main guys from the festival. Get down to the UAF  Picnic Area on Friday if you want to take part. Here is the time table for the day's...

Official News

05/08/2008 19:56
All the recent news about our site will be displayed here

Habb-Heaven website launched!

05/08/2008 19:55
    Hey everyone, this is our first news post on the Habbo-Heaven website. We hope you are enjoying the site. With your help we will be the best online habbo fansite on the internet. Feel free to browse around, introduce yourself in the forums and comment on stuff. So bookmark this site...

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